William Perron

William Perron

Head in the clouds.

16 Feb 2024

It's All About Cancellation

Asynchronous vs synchronous programming is a hot topic these days, and arguably always was. We talk about things like function coloring and …
26 Dec 2022

My Honeymoon With Go Is Over

I first got into Go after gravitating around Node.js for a while and I have to say: It was a breath of fresh air. It fixed most of the …
11 May 2022

Generics Make Go Better

We had to wait until February of 2022 to get support for generics in Go, and when we finally got there, it turned out to be one of the most …
11 Nov 2021

Can the Go runtime behave like the JavaScript even loop?

During a conversation on discord that started with Amos’s great Understanding Rust futures by going way too deep article where we ended …
05 Oct 2021

On Being Irreplaceable

Lately I’ve been having conversations with friends and colleagues around office colleagues, people we’ve come across throughout our careers …
25 Feb 2021

Rust and Go have the same error handling

I’ve been in a couple of discussions on Discord recently that digress into a debate on which has the better error handling model, Rust or …
12 Jun 2020

Deno is a big deal

I don’t think anyone expected Deno’s announcement at JS Conf EU 2018. I certainly wasn’t. I was pretty content with Node as it were, …
21 Jan 2020

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